All you need is hard work

So you might ask, if tractors are such a great business, why are people trying to get out of it and sell us their tractors? The answer is a simple: renting tractor services requires a lot of diligent, on-the-ground management. As CEO of the company, I can often be found driving around at night, covered in … Read more

October 2021

Greetings for the middle of the very busy month of October! With the return of the rains in September, farmers are planting for the 2022 A season. Several times an hour, our COO Florien gets a call. Farmers from all over Rwanda, many of them referred to us by the Rwanda Agriculture Board, want to know, … Read more

Ups and Downs!

There are several accomplishments over the last season that we are particularly proud of: We served 75 clients farming 169 hectares (total to date: 288 clients farming 595 hectares).  Farmers served are growing crops such as maize, beans, soy, sweet potatoes, cassava, rice, sugar cane, chia seeds, chili peppers, finger millet, sorghum, and tobacco.  We … Read more


Although the median national age in Rwanda is 20, the median age of farmers is 55. We believe that mechanization is an important catalyst for agriculture becoming an innovative sector that drives economic growth and job creation. Our long-term vision is to extend our logistics model to threshers, shellers, driers and other post-harvest equipment. We also … Read more